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Please determine the client you use first. The clients supported by the subscription link provided by v2cat are as follows:

Windows: Clash for Windows, v2rayN, QV2Ray, v2rayW, winXray

macOS: ClashX Pro

IOS: Shadowrocket, kitsunebi, QuantumultX, surge, loon

Android: Clash for Android, v2rayNG

Router: Meilin, openwrt


Make sure you have enabled global proxy (global mode) on the client and selected the node

Enable proxy(on Window or MacOS, u need enable system proxy), use your browser to access

If the IP is not your local IP, the node is working normally

The node may be temporarily banned by GFW, please replace the node for multiple tests


If the second test is normal, please switch back to the rule agent (rule mode)

If the second test is abnormal, please submit a ticket

Ticket Requirements

① Describe in detail the problems you have encountered, the client you are using, the website you want to visit

② No less than two screenshots of node details (including screenshots of server address, encryption mode, etc.)

③ No less than two client configuration screenshots (including screenshots of the used mode and other information)

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